Airport Business Park North

Various buildings on a former barracks site on Benkendorffstraße

There are various opportunities for rentals in the Business Parks North area.

Buildings / levels of the buildings can be renovated and upgraded according to your requirements.

Currently, the rooms have an average size of approx. 20 m² but can be adapted individually.

There is also the opportunity to rent individual offices, e.g. in the Benkendorffstraße 30C building.

General Aviation Terminal (GAT)

GAT 1 (Karl Jatho Terminal)

GAT 1 has direct access to the apron, a modern waiting lounge with a coffee bar and a briefing room for pilots.

Offices for local firms and/or airlines are also available in GAT 1 and in the adjoining extension. (Subject to availability).


GAT 2, a former barracks building right next to the apron access to GAT 1, is home to various companies including flying schools, aviation management businesses, charterers, maintenance firms etc.

GAT 1 and the passenger terminals are just a few minutes' walk from GAT 2. Offices of various sizes are also available for rent. (Subject to availability).



Office space in the terminals

Offices of various sizes and in various positions are available in Terminals A, B and C as well as in the connecting buildings 1 and 2. A number of offices have their own direct access to the apron.

All offices are equipped to a modern standard and include data connections (telephone, fax, Internet).

Subject to availability.