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Welcome to the corporate communication team. We'd be delighted to help you with your daily inquiries and research.


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You'll find Hannover Airport's media information here. Older press releases can be found in the press archive.


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You'll need to apply for an official photo or film permit before you start shooting. Various security rules and regulations must be complied with. Further information is provided below.


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The Hannover Airport Community is growing by the day. As an HAJ Facebook fan, you'll never be far from your favorite airport. VIPs checking in, new airlines on the apron or a photo of the airport fire brigade – thumbs up for Hannover Airport!

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There are many interesting stories and reports about Hannover Airport. Boulevard Airport and HAJNews are the airport's free newspapers and are also available for downloading.

Media center

The media center puts you in the picture, with downloadable pictures and graphics.
We'd be delighted to provide our material in a higher resolution for editorial and journalistic purposes. However, we do ask that you mention the source.

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