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You will find an overview of the departures for the next three days here. For longer term travel planning please use our Flight Planner, which includes all important connections from Hannover.

Flight-Nr. To (VIA) Plan Expected Terminal Check In Status SMS Info
LX 815 Zürich 09:55 C15 C328-337 Taxied SMS Info
LH 053 Frankfurt 10:00 C13 C328-337 Taxied SMS Info
BE 432 Birmingham 10:15 B09 B201-202 Boarding SMS Info
CAI642 Antalya 10:15 B11 B209-212 Boarding SMS Info
AF 1339 Paris-de Gaulle 10:50 C14 C301-304 Check in SMS Info
KL 1904 Amsterdam 11:00 C18 C301-304 Check in SMS Info
TK 1554 Istanbul 11:00 B08 B205-208 Check in SMS Info
4U 3256 Teneriffa 11:05 C20 B213-218 Check in SMS Info
4U 3862 Neapel 11:10 C16 B213-218 Check in SMS Info
BA 977 London-Heathrow 11:20 B12 B219-221 Check in SMS Info
LH 055 Frankfurt 11:20 C13 C328-337 Check in SMS Info
4U 3594 P. de Mallorca 11:40 C15 B213-218 Check in SMS Info
4U 3812 Catania 12:25 C20 B213-218 SMS Info
LH 2095 München 12:50 C16 C328-337 SMS Info
DE 6516 Fuerteventura 13:00 C17 C306-308 SMS Info
SU 2343 Moskau 13:30 B07 B209-212 SMS Info
X3 2144 Teneriffa 13:45 C20 C320-325 SMS Info
4U 3670 Heraklion 14:10 C15 B213-218 SMS Info
BE 7309 Manchester 14:10 B09 B201-202 SMS Info
KL 1910 Amsterdam 14:55 C18 C301-303 SMS Info
LX 817 Zürich 14:55 C14 C328-337 SMS Info
AB 3718 Lanzarote 15:00 C16 C313-318 SMS Info
LH 057 Frankfurt 15:10 C13 C328-337 SMS Info
X3 2148 Fuerteventura 15:20 C20 C320-325 SMS Info
B2 898 Minsk 15:40 B07 B203-204 SMS Info
AF 1639 Paris-de Gaulle 16:10 C17 C301-303 SMS Info
SK 672 Kopenhagen 16:25 C14 C328-337 SMS Info
LH 2099 München 17:05 C15 C328-337 SMS Info
5K 262 Birmingham 17:05 B11 B219-222 SMS Info
TK 1556 Istanbul 17:55 B08 B205-208 SMS Info
4U 3962 Split 18:05 B07 B213-218 SMS Info
AB 7658 P. de Mallorca 18:10 C16 C313-318 SMS Info
KL 1912 Amsterdam 18:15 C18 C301-303 SMS Info
4U 5018 Enfidha 18:55 B09 B213-218 SMS Info
OHY4300 Antalya 19:30 B11 B209-212 SMS Info
LX 829 Zürich 19:45 C14 C328-337 SMS Info
LH 2103 München 19:45 C15 C328-337 SMS Info
FHY268 Antalya 20:00 B10 B201-204 SMS Info
LH 061 Frankfurt 20:00 C13 C328-337 SMS Info
BA 979 London-Heathrow 20:50 B12 B219-221 SMS Info
All times shown are local time. All information is subject to change.