You'll find details of departures for the next three days here. If you'd like to plan a journey further ahead, please use our flight Plan which provides details of all important scheduled connections from Hannover.

Flight-Nr. To (VIA) Plan Expected Terminal Check In Status SMS EMail Info
SM 494 Hurghada 21:00 B09 B209-211 Boarding
4U 3016 Stuttgart 21:00 21:20 A02 A105-110 Expected
AB 8506 Wien 21:05 C17 C320-325 Check in
BE 7309 Manchester 21:05 22:15 B08 B205-207 Expected
BE 434 Birmingham 21:20 21:50 B07 B205-207 Expected
BA 979 London-Heathrow 21:25 22:15 B12 B219-221 Expected
R2 786 Omsk 22:45 B11 B213-216
4U 3932 Izmir 22:55 B09 B201-204
All times shown are local time. All information is subject to change.
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