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You will find an overview of the departures for the next three days here. For longer term travel planning please use our Flight Planner, which includes all important connections from Hannover.

Flight-Nr. To (VIA) Plan Expected Terminal Check In Status SMS Info
KL 1910 Amsterdam 14:55 C17 C335-337 Taxied SMS Info
4U 3820 Mailand 15:10 15:30 A05 A105-110 Expected SMS Info
HK 6230 Samsun 15:15 B08 B205-208 Boarding SMS Info
AF 1639 Paris-de Gaulle 16:10 C18 C335-337 Check in SMS Info
LH 2097 München 16:15 A06 A117-123 Check in SMS Info
SK 672 Kopenhagen 16:25 A02 A111-112 Check in SMS Info
EI 323 Dublin 16:30 B09 B217-218 Check in SMS Info
AB 6613 Stuttgart 16:55 C16 C320-325 Check in SMS Info
4U 3016 Stuttgart 17:00 A04 A105-110 Check in SMS Info
AB 8444 Wien 17:05 C19 C320-325 Check in SMS Info
LH 2099 München 17:20 A05 A117-123 SMS Info
TK 1556 Istanbul 17:55 B08 B213-216 SMS Info
SVB002 Rennes 18:00 C17A C314-315 SMS Info
AB 7658 P. de Mallorca 18:10 C20 C320-325 SMS Info
4U 3758 Wien 18:15 A06 A105-110 SMS Info
KL 1912 Amsterdam 18:15 C17 C335-337 SMS Info
F7 2277 Bern 18:15 C16A C307-307 SMS Info
PEA421 B Zürich 18:30 C16 C311-312 SMS Info
LH 059 Frankfurt 18:35 A04 A117-123 SMS Info
SN 2638 Brüssel 18:50 A02 A101-104 SMS Info
SK 1668 Kopenhagen 18:50 A03 A111-112 SMS Info
4U 3370 London-Stansted 19:25 A01 A105-110 SMS Info
CAI370 Antalya 19:30 B07 B201-202 SMS Info
LH 2101 München 19:30 A05 A117-123 SMS Info
LX 829 Zürich 19:50 A06 A101-104 SMS Info
LH 061 Frankfurt 20:00 A04 A117-123 SMS Info
4U 3816 Venedig 20:05 A03 A105-110 SMS Info
BE 434 Birmingham 20:10 B09 B205-207 SMS Info
LH 2103 München 20:20 A05 A117-123 SMS Info
AB 6615 Stuttgart 20:25 C16 C320-325 SMS Info
IG 2305 Milano-Orio Intl. 20:30 C13 C309-310 SMS Info
AF 1839 Paris-de Gaulle 20:35 C14 C335-337 SMS Info
BA 979 London-Heathrow 20:50 B12 B219-221 SMS Info
BE 7309 Manchester 21:05 B08 B205-207 SMS Info
AB 8076 Wien 21:05 C19 C320-325 SMS Info
XG 1793 Kayseri 21:25 B10 B209-211 SMS Info
All times shown are local time. All information is subject to change.