You'll find details of arrivals for the next three days here. If you'd like to plan a journey further ahead, please use our flight Plan which provides details of all important scheduled connections to Hannover.

Flight-Nr. From (VIA) Plan Expected Terminal Status SMS EMail Info
DE 605 Antalya 23:10 23:30 B07 Expected
BA 970 London-Heathrow 23:20 23:31 B10 Expected
X3 2315 P. de Mallorca 23:35 C15
DE 1693 Heraklion 23:40 23:45 C18 Expected
4U 3951 Dubrovnik 23:50 23:56 B11 Expected
AB 7683 P. de Mallorca 23:55 23:53 C17 Expected
DE 1487 Teneriffa 23:55 00:04 C20 Expected
All times shown are local time. All information is subject to change.