Questions and answers about reserving parking spaces online

How does the online reservation process at Hannover Airport work?

Online reservations for parking spaces at Hannover Airport online are very easy.

  • Select your travel dates and preferred parking area and follow the booking process.
  • At the end of the process you will receive an email containing an activation link that you can use within the next three hours to confirm your reservation.
  • You will receive a ticket guaranteeing your desired rate and showing the possible parking areas.
  • On the day of your departure, please drive into the reserved parking place(s) at Hannover Airport (see the map on the guarantee ticket). To do this, take a parking ticket at the appropriate entrance barrier in the usual way.
  • On your return, pay the parking fee at the automated parking machines in the usual way. If you require a receipt, please press the receipt button.

There is no extra charge for online reservations. Parking fees are charged only after the end of your trip. The automated parking machines accept all the usual methods of payment. Please note: If your pre-reserved tariff is no longer available, you can use the next higher tariff at no extra charge (for more information, please refer to your guarantee ticket).




Does the online reservation reserve me a specific parking slot?

No. The reservation merely reserves one unspecified parking space for you in the tariff type you selected. You can park your vehicle in the first free space you see in your chosen parking area. There is an overview of the relevant parking areas on your guarantee ticket.

I have no credit card, can I still make a reservation?

Reservations can be made without a credit card. You will not be asked for any credit card or account details when making a reservation. Payment can be made in the parking areas in all the usual ways and is not due until you return from your trip.

Can I make a reservation for several cars for the same period?

No, because the reservation is personal to you. You will need to make a separate reservation for each vehicle.

What happens if I decide on the day of departure to arrive by train and haven’t canceled the reservation? Will I have to pay the full parking charges?

No, you will not have to pay any parking charges or a reservation fee.

Can I view my booking later on and print out the guarantee ticket again?

Yes. If you would like to view your details again or no longer have your guarantee ticket, click on the relevant link in your confirmation e-mail. You can do this at any time up to the end of your trip.