Please arrive at the airport in good time prior to your flight. Directions can be found here.

Please have your boarding pass and your ID or passport ready at check-in. You can find your gate and your seat written on your boarding pass. The airlines take your baggage and transport it to the aircraft. You will take your carry-on bag with you through the security check. 

For a smooth start, please choose the check-in method which is most convenient for you. 

At the Check-in Desk

You can look up your check-in desk here on this homepage up to three days before departure or you refer to the monitors inside the terminal buildings. The information on check-in consists of a letter (terminal building) and a number (desk number). For example: B212-215 stands for Terminal B, desks 212 to 215. 

At the Self-Service Check-in


Unfortunately, no Airline offer this service at the moment.

Online Check-in

Many airlines offer self-service check-in via their homepages so you can check-in conveniently at home or on the go. Check on the airline's website or with your travel agency whether or not your airline offers this service. 

Overview: Airlines At HAJ