Book parking online

DUE TO A TECHNICAL FAULT, ONLINE RESERVATIONS ARE CURRENTLY NOT POSSIBLE. At the airport enough parking spaces are available.

Please send your cancellation to


Yes, the reservation is binding. You may choose any vacant lot within the parking garage. In a hurry? Feel free to request the nearest vacant parking lot using the call button at the entrance to the garage. 

You can cancel your reservation for free online up to 12 hours before the booked date. Cancellation by e-mail, fax or mail is not possible.

If you fail to meet the cancellation deadline and/or do not make use of your reservation, you are not entitled to a refund of parking fees

No, you only need to enter your ticket in the pay machine upon your return and pay the due amount with cash or your EC/credit card. 

In this case, please contact our staff using the call button or visiting the Airport Service Center. 

This is no problem. Simply contact our staff using the call point at the entrance. 

No. For technical reasons, we ask you to still use your exit ticket.