Flying with Children

Flying with children is an adventure that you can embrace. We will inform you on everything you need to know about it.


Travel preparations

Here are some tips for you how to pack your children's suitcase properly. So you will not miss important things for the best time of the year. 

The following items are allowed in the carry-on bag:

  • travel documents
  • a travel pharmacy for children
  • the favourite toy
  • a blanket
  • pacifiers and feeding bottles
  • diapers and changing rompers/pants
  • toys and drawing utensils 
  • snacks (if you are carrying baby food, please present it to the security officer at the check point)

What else is allowed in carry-on baggage?


Family Comfort Service

Holiday time is family time. We offer the Family Comfort Service to facilitate your airport experience as a family. We take care of your baggage, park your car and do the check-in for you.

Our service for families with children of up to 12 years of age:

  • We meet you at the parking area in front of the departure terminal about two hours before departure. Just check the time with us.
  • You give us your travel documents, baggage and car keys, if applicable
  • We will park your car at parking garage P1, if applicable.
  • Your children will get a small surprise.
  • You will get vouchers for McDonald's for your entire family.
  • We take care of the check-in process for you.
  • You will receive your boarding passes, car keys and your travel documents at the departure terminal at boarding. 

Please state your children's age when booking.

Please remember to announce bulky baggage (strollers, etc.) to your airline prior to your journey. 

Fees (including VAT)

Two adults with up to two children (up to 12 years of age): €99, for each additional child, we will charge €10; for each additional adult, we will charge €25. 

Please note that parking fees are charged additionally.

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Evening-Before Check-In

The Evening-Before Check-In is offered by Condor and Lufthansa. Please refer to your airline for further information:

Condor   Lufthansa

Children traveling alone

Let's get the adventure started: most airlines provide their own care service for children who are traveling alone. Thus children from the age of 5 can fly without their parents. 

Uninterrupted attendance

Your children are in good hands during the flight. The cabin crew will take them to their seat and attend to them throughout the flight. After landing, your children will be accompanied until met by the collecting person. 

Attendance and Entertainment

Time will fly by: the airline staff will distract your child with playing areas, little guided tours and explanations on aviation. Some airlines give access to their lounges.

Contact your airline in good time ahead

Please contact your airline or travel agent for further information in good time prior to the flight. 

Entertainment at Hannover Airport

Enjoy your family time at Hannover Airport. It's not waiting time - it's fun time. Get a glimpse behind the scenes and join us on an Airport Tour or visit the Exhibition Welt der Luftfahrt. For your entertainment before boarding, check out a great number of short movies about the airport via AirportTV on Youtube. 

Baby Food

You are allowed to take feeding bottles and baby food on board with you. Please refer to the rules on carry-on baggage regarding liquids, too. 


Advice: At Hannover Airport, you can have your baby food heated up at Marché and Moevenpick. 

Diaper-changing rooms

Children need to get refreshed, too. To do so, diaper-changing rooms are available in all terminal buildings. Simply follow the signposted way. 

Diaper-changing rooms in the landside terminal:

  • Terminal B / diagonally opposite of Marché Bakery
  • Terminal B / Departures Level on Airport Plaza

Diaper-changing rooms in the airside terminal (accessible for passengers only):

  • Terminal A, Waiting Area

Folding buggys for children

Strollers are bulky baggage and need to be checked in at the bulky baggage desk. We will be happy to lend you a folding buggy free of charge. Please return the buggy before entering the plane. Deposit: €1

Buggys can be found on the Departures level of each terminal building. 


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