Services for aircraft, crew & passengers

Catering offer for flight crews

At GAT 1, there is a coffee and snack bar for flight crews. 

In addition, there is the staff restaurant Skylight in the passenger terminals. Here you can indulge in high-quality and regional cuisine including a rich breakfast offer every day. 

Opening hours (Monday through Friday): breakfast from 7 a.m., lunch between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.. Our staff at the GAT will be happy to show you the way to the Skylight restaurant and also to explain the payment system. 

You can also find a supermarket, culinary offers and a fast food restaurant in the passenger terminals.


Aircraft fueling

Range of fuels: 

  • Avgas 100LL (stationary station)
  • Jet A1 


The current prices* are downloadable here:

Besides the credit cards shown, we also accept UV Air, World Fuel, Colt International, Skyplan and Jet Ex Fuelling Services Ltd. provided a fuel release has been approved previously by Air BP (

We also accept cash (€/EURO) and EC cards. Visa and Mastercards are accepted for payments in excess of €200. 

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Maintenance & Overhauling

ACC Columbia Jet Service GmbH (GAT1 / Halle 16)
Aerowest Flugzeugtechnik GmbH (GAT1 / Halle 11)

Conference facilities at HAJ

We offer a range of conference facilities in GAT 1 and the passenger terminals. You have a choice of large conference rooms and smaller, exclusive lounges. For queries and requests please contact

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VIP Service

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