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Press Releases

We will issue all important news from the airport via press release.


Press Photos

The pictures published here are intended to facilitate the work of the press. These pictures can be downloaded in a suitable resolution for prints from the Corporate Communications Department. The pictures may be used for commercial and financial purposes. 

Please get in touch with us if you wish to publish our pictures. We would be happy to provide you with further information. Please also state the file name of the picture.

Anfahrt zum Hannover Airport Hannover Airport, Lindert
Airport access road (departing)
Airport Plaza  Hannover Airport
Airport Plaza
Bild Anfahrt Hannover Airport, Kruszewski
Airport access road (arriving)
Bild Anzeigentafel Familie Hannover Airport, Kruszewski
Billboard with family
Bild Aussichtsterrasse Hannover Airport, Kruszewski
Observation Deck
Bild Fluggastbrücke Hannover Airport, Kruszewski
Boarding bridge
Bild Parken  Hannover Airport
Bild Pushback Hannover Airport, Lindert
Bild Reisemarkt  Hannover Airport
Travel Market
Bild Swiss Hannover Airport, Lindert
Bild Urlaubsfamilie Hannover Airport, Kruszewski
Family on their way into their holidays
Bild Vorfeld Terminal C Hannover Airport, Kruszewski
Apron Terminal C
Bild Vorfeld Hannover Airport, Kruszewski
View over the apron
Bild Vorfeldsezene Hannover Airport, Kruszewski

Photos & Videos

Please apply for a photo and filming permit to Hannover Airport. 

Photos and filming is only permissible in the airside terminal areas and in the public areas of Hannover Airport. This includes: parking areas, access roads, terminals, galleries and shopping areas. 

Editorial filming and photographs can be made free of charge. A fee will be charged for recordings for commercial use. 

Flight operations and safety have got the highest priority; hence photo and filming permits may be withdrawn at short notice at any time. 

Safety regulations and rules

Passengers and airport staff must not be interview without prior consent. Passengers who can be attached to one specific airline must not be interview without the airline's consent. Recordings of the controll of goods or the screening of people are prohibited by law. 

Please adhere to the instructions from the security staff and authorities. 


Some pictures are beyond our sole responsibility. The airlines will decide about filming at/on their aircraft. The tower is operated by the Deutsche Flugsicherung (German ATC). Passengers and cargo are handled by handling agents. The security check is in the jurisdiction of the Federal Police Force (Bundespolizei).


Apply for Photo and Filming Permit

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Bild Sönke Jacobsen
Sönke Jacobsen

Press officer

Head of corporate communications/marketing

Bild von Anika Studders
Anika Studders

Deputy press officer

Bild von Antje Weibels
Antje Weibels

Media service / editors