Here you can find all relevant information regarding your baggage - for a relaxed and well-prepared take-off.

Carry-on Baggage

Please refer to your airline regarding their rules on carry-on baggage. We suggest you only carry items with you that you necessarily need. This will save time at the security check. Medicines and precious items should always be in your carry-on baggage. 

What is permitted in the carry-on bag?

  • one small gas lighter (only allowed on the body)
  • e-cigarettes (permitted in carry-on baggage only)
  • powerbanks (permitted in carry-on baggage only)
  • knives & scissors (max. blade length: 6cm)
  • certain batteries for portable electronic devices that are included in the device for personal use are such as watches, cameras, notebook, computer and so on (also allowed in luggage). Please note the baggage regulations of your airline!


There are the following restrictions on liquids in carry-on baggage: you can carry liquids only in containers with a volume not exceeding 100 ml in a transparent, resealable bag no larger than 1 liter. Suitable plastic bags can be purchased for a small charge at the yellow vending machines in front of the security check area in all terminal buildings. 

You may carry, for example:

  • liquids (in containers not exceeding 100ml) e.g. water, soft drinks, soups, syrups
  • cosmetics (in containers not exceeding 100ml) e.g. perfume, mascara, make-up, nail varnish
  • care products (in containers not exceeding 100ml) e.g. shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, shaving foam, sunscreen
  • food (in containers not exceeding 100ml) e.g. jam, honey, yoghurt, chocolate spread, cheese spread

These regulations do not apply for liquids purchased beyond the security check area, e.g. in the duty-free shops. 

Information leaflet by the Airport Association

What is not permitted in your carry-on baggage?

Not allowed in carry-on baggage are, among other items:

  • fuel lighters (Zippo), continuous burners, USB lighters, gas lighters (also not permitted in hold baggage)  
  • razor blades, scalpels, box cutters

You can find a list of all prohibited goods and items in the following leaflet:

Information leaflet by the Airport Association

Please note that your airline might ban individual goods and items from carry-on baggage, too. Contact your airline in-time for further information.


Please note the following things before you check in your baggage:

  • Please do not wrap your baggage with any foil
  • Attach a tag with your name and address on it to your baggage (ideally with the address covered up).
  • Check with your airline the permitted dimensions and weight of your baggage.
  • Remove old address stickers and tags from your baggage.
  • Remove old baggage tags from previous flights from your baggage.
  • Carry any precious items and medicines in your carry-on bag.

This is not permitted

The following objects and dangerous goods are not permitted in hold baggage:

  • e-cigarettes (permitted in carry-on baggage only)
  • powerbanks (permitted in carry-on baggage only)
  • certain batteries (please note the baggage regulations of your airline!)
  • fuel lighters, gas lighters (Zippo), continuous burners, USB lighters (neither permitted in hold luggage)

A comprehensive list about dangerous goods and prohibited objects can be found in the Information leaflet of the Airport Association.

Please check with your airline whether it has any additional restrictions on baggage in good time previous to your departure. 

Traveling with dangerous goods

What is bulky luggage?

All items which cannot be handled automatically by the baggage system are regarded as bulky luggage, including the following:

  • surfboards
  • bicycles
  • wheelchairs
  • animals in transport boxes
  • buggies and strollers
  • fragile goods
  • particularly large or heavy items 

Special bulky luggage counters where you can check in your bulky items separately after checking in can be found in all the terminal buildings.
For further information regarding additional charges and conditions of carriage, please contact your operating carrier or your travel agency. 

Contact your airline

Baggage reclaim

The baggage reclaim for bulky luggage is located in the immediate vicinity of the regular baggage reclaim carousels. We hope for your understanding as reclaiming bulky luggage may take more time compared to usual baggage on the carousel. 

Baggage Storage

If you are staying in Hanover or at the airport for a longer period of time, simply store your baggage with us. We are happy to keep it safe for you. Please contact the Airport Service Center on the Arrivals level in Terminal B for baggage storage. 



Per small item (keys, papers, lighter, jacket)   
Per item of baggage (suitcase, bag, backpack)   
per each period of 24 hours started €15,00 
Per item of dangerous goods
per transaction €22,50 


Terms and Conditions of storage of baggage and any other items.

Lost or damaged baggage? Forgot something on the plane?

Your baggage has not been on the carousel after landing, you have found your baggage damaged or you left something on the plane? The airlines' handling agents will take care of it. Your baggage will usually be located within 24 hours and delivered to your home address free of charge. 

Please go to your airline‘s baggage tracing desk here. There you will receive further information about your luggage. You can also use the self-service option there and report your lost luggage online using the QR code. 

Airline | Baggage tracing desk

  • Aegean Airlines | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • Air Arabia Egypt | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Air Baltic | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • Air Cairo | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Air France | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Air Serbia | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • Almasria | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Austrian Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528. Digitale Verlustmeldung bei Austrian
  • British Airways | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • Condor | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Corendon Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • European Air Charter | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Eurowings | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Finnair | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Fly Egypt | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Fly Erbil | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Freebird Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • KLM | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • LOT Polish Airlines | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • Lufthansa | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528. Digitale Verlustmeldung bei Lufthansa
  • Mavi Gök Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Nesma Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Nouvelair Tunisie | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • Pegasus Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • S7 Airlines | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • SAS | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • Sky Alps | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Southwind Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Sundair | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • SunExpress | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Swiss | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528. Digitale Verlustmeldung bei SWISS
  • Tailwind | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • TUIfly | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Tunisair | Aviapartner, Arrivals Terminal B, +49 (0)511/977-2165
  • Turkish Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Volotea | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
  • Vueling Airlines | AHS, Arrivals Terminal A, +49 (0)511/977-2528
    [As of 17. April 2024]

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